Shallow Then Halo

Shallow Then Halo

by Cocteau Twins

As much as I love them, and I really do, to my mind they never bettered their debut album "Garlands". Listening to John Peel play the first EP, Lullabies is probably my only positive memory of living in Southam. I was only there for a few months between move from Grimsby up to Sheffield and it was a pretty miserable time. I knew none, knew I Was only going to be there for a couple of months and was basically just biding my time. The Cocteau Twins got me through that. Listening to them on Peel, in bed, was a dazzling blast of hope. I don't think it's any coincidence that my first couple of bands in Sheffield sounded a lot like this version Cocteaus (musically, anyway, I couldn't manage the voice :-D). Although they paled a little post-4AD, they still take my breath away.

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Jammed: 21st March 2014

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