Better Than God

Better Than God

by The Frogs

Getting in your face (and mostly in your eyes) is how I like to remember The Frogs. This is a departure for them in that it's not about homosexual bedroom antics or goats (honestly) but it's still very confrontational in theme and delivery. This is from their 2001 album Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise and shows a growth from their rough and ready acoustic sessions to a rather more polished pop-rock sound which would peak rather wonderfully with Starjob in 2004 which also turned out to be their swansong. Sadly the first time I saw the band was also to be the last as Denis Flemion drowned whilst swimming with family in Wind Lake, Racine County in 2012. I often think about that performance and how much I sang and laughed, sometimes at the band and sometimes at the faces of the friends I took that didn't know them. Thanks Denis.

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Jammed: 17th September 2014

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