Vote Elvis

Vote Elvis

by Popinjays

More Radio Sheffield reminiscing, I'm afraid. I used to plug pretty much everything that came out of One Little Indian, especially Sugarcubes, They Might Be Giants, Kitchens of Distinction, Heartthrobs,Threnody, Finitribe, Anna Palm but especially The Popinjays. I absolutely adored them! Perfect pop songs by some of the loveliest people I'd met. When I had my own show (briefly between Listen Up and Prick Up your Ears) This was the first track I played. I saw them live an awful lot, often with KoDs (even when they played as The Jollypops and the Toilets of Destruction) and have many photos. So sad that we - and the lovely Pat Naylor - lost touch. I was always particularly fond of this video as it full of knowing nods to other One Little Indian acts of the time. Thrilled that after years of inactivity (splitting up will do that for you) they've reformed for a couple of gigs this year. Hurrah! #popinjays

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Jammed: 4th February 2015

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