I Love You

I Love You

by The Velvet Underground

#ThisWeekIsForLovers #Love ... My 'Love-Jam' week has been WIPED-OUT!! ALL FOUR of my remaining jams I had planned from today are 'restricted'...yeh , even my 5th stand-by one on the 'substitutes bench'!! This is gettin' ridiculous. I think we should all send a TIMJ petition to WMG to ask what their problem is & to get their act together.......Anyway,.. Enough grumbling......just need to get my thinking cap on again for the next three days. This one was meant for the Velvets' album, "Loaded" but was omitted which is a shame because I think it would've made such a sweet final track for their final album...............Just for the record, the 5 jams I wanted that were all prohibited were..."I want everything" by Luna..."O Caroline" by Matching Mole..."Lips that would kiss" by The Durutti Column and the 'big' one for Saturday...."Stay with me, baby" by Lorraine Ellison....and "The torch song" by Todd Rundgren was on the 'subs' bench!

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Jammed: 11th February 2015

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