War on War

War on War

by Wilco

No reaction to the Plimsouls?... A great band; no worries, no prob, fine. I have a solution: A live version of Wilco's "War on War" from 2001 - note the difference in the break (bass) from the recorded version, and note the ever so lack luster crowd response from the BEST album from them (in my humble opinion) - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot -(I can listen to this album all day - and you should - old school from first song to last, in order -Jeff Tweedy is a hero..) .and this song-It's a War on War is not the first song, but one of my favs - you have to learn how to die..sigh...this is up for the whole week:) Hope you enjoy - I know I do/will:)

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Jammed: 10th June 2015

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