Southern Man

Southern Man

by Neil Young

Once again, I ashamed of my Country - anyone that thinks we are free of racism or segregation lives in a bubble..Sigh - I'm actually a Daughter of the Confederate as my mother's ancestors were pre-state Floridians - My grand father and grandmother in the depression worked with the WPS with Zora Neale Hurston and Stetson Kennedy ( to collect Slave stories and music (now proudly stored in the Smithsonian) and were civil rights leaders, but only as we are are Southern Liberals - my grandfather took me to my ancestor's plantation when I was 10 to show me the slave quarters - for those that don't know there is a BRING THE FLAG DOWN campaign in America - aka - the rebel flag, which stands for murder, segregation, racism: The Southern Poverty Law Center is leading this charge, and I, of course support in honor -I bring you Neil Young's Song: Not sorry Lyn Skynard!

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