Laisses Tomber Les Filles

Laisses Tomber Les Filles

by The Cambodian Space Project

"Laisses Tomber Les Filles" is a Cambodian Space Project update of the Serge Gainsbourg 60s classic originally penned for France Gall. CSP's cracking version is where Channthy keeps a bit of the French language chorus 'forget about those girls' but adds the sentiment 'they only love you for your money' in her native Khmer. "Laisses Tomber Les Filles" was tracked in France, overdubbed in Bali then mixed in Detroit by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Studios. It's a track included on CSP's fourth album "Electric Blue Boogaloo" available July 23, 2015.

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Jammed: 19th July 2015

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