Street Choir

Street Choir

by Van Morrison

If you're listening to something better; you've found an alien-life form. Morrison stated "you are committed to a series of concerts you lose all spontaneity. It's not jazz any more. The reason I first got into music and the reason I was then doing it were conflicting. It was such a paradox." During the concert but not shown on the DVD, Morrison angrily confronted a woman heckler who said he didn't know how to play the blues Morrison's stripped-down band was assembled when he arrived at Montreux, with the help of festival manager Claude Nobs. Drummer Dallas Taylor from Crosby, Stills and Nash, British keyboardist Pete Wingfield and Jerome Rimson, bass player from Detroit, Michigan rounded out the quartet, with Morrison contributing vocals, saxophone, guitar and harmonica.

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Jammed: 27th July 2015

52 plays