Johnny Hit and Run Pauline [Live]

Johnny Hit and Run Pauline [Live]

by X (from "LIVE AT THE WHISKEY A GO-GO [88]")

Time to take some X! Back toPunk Rock! So, I got sidetracked (it happens to me) but I'm back on punk track - on LL I did this great 4 part lead up to X (4 loops ending with this song) to give a little history - and it's worth watching! But for my TIMJ friends, I know you don't need any history lessons:) Please check out my X run on LL - lesakramer5 as I put some thought into it, and start from bottom up with the amazing Dick Clark interview from 1982... and lately, I'm the only one commenting on my songs - sigh..XO:) And I've hung out with Exene - she is a sweetheart! And, I still have a crush on John Doe - he made mesh t-shirts cool long before the Jersey Juice Heads - lol:)

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Jammed: 17th August 2015

15 plays