Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box

by Nirvana

#GoneTooSoon. One of my favorite song by one of my favorite bands. This song holds such sweet memories for me....driving around in my car with my 5 year old daughter yelling, "Mommy play the "Hey Wait" song" and my two year old son joining in..The music would play ..the anticipation would grow as it got closer to the chorus (and the only two lyrics they both knew) When Kurt sang "Hey Wait" my little ones were singing along.. head banging all the way. {Proud Moment}  My children are grown but they still talk about this song and how Nirvana was their "bedtime" music... I hope next summer to travel to Aberdeen, Washington... They have a memorial park I would like to check out and as corny as it sounds I just want to walk the streets he walked on growing up.....Oh and this video..visually stunning....

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Jammed: 26th August 2015

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