by Madonna

#TheRoadto500 I was out to lunch with my hubby today... despairing over my last four jams. As he named off songs and I replied.."did that, did another by that artist, did that one twice" he said "Honey, its not always the song but it's the memory associated with the song that makes the song have to ask yourself, is it a great song or a great memory or a combination of the two?" A light went on and I instantly knew what my next jams were. I like Madonna, but she isn't a favorite artist. That said, He loves this song. This was a CD that my hubby and I played on a road trip home from California. We spent so much time talking, singing, sharing, laughing on that trip. So many firsts...TIMJ for Stewart... thank you hun for being so patient with me. I have been a bit out of sorts upon hearing of this site going have been so supportive and understanding

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Jammed: 27th August 2015

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