Waitress in the Sky (live)

Waitress in the Sky (live)

by Paul Westerberg

Had to REJAM as my previous was just first chorus - this is live version but really good - this song cracks me up and I'm a feminist - had to have for my archive - Enjoy! PS...I can remember flying when you could smoke on an airplane and they delivered drinks non stop! On my non stop from San Fran to Paris, on my way to FAB BARCELONA - why go anywhere else??? (last flight in 2014) I got ONE cocktail - let me repeat that ONE! GRRR and I was flying Air France which I thought would be fancy! NOT! Snobby!!!Couldn't get a second cocktail to save my life! - Really prefer the old days when we would dress up to fly, get loaded, and the STEWARDS were friendly..now we wear our pajamas - At least I do LOL:), - Poor Paul, probably such an a-hole they ignored him, - Music History: The Replacements had a gig opening for Tom Petty America Wide but got booted off the tour for naughtiness (ie partying like the rock stars:they were not, and Tom Petty, a family man had had it - so fired them.

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Jammed: 28th August 2015

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