Lust for Life (UK TV)

Lust for Life (UK TV)

by Iggy Pop

I am rejamming this from @debutch 'cuz I missed it:) And boy do I have a lot of stories to tell about, well, you know him as Iggy, I know him as JIM -LOL (see archive the Scholar). For those that want the Iggy Poop story, let me just say he was famous for never stopping a live gig, even if it meant shaking it down a pants leg; for those that want to hear about what I saw backstage, think that's between Jim, oh you know him as Iggy, his maker and the pool table:) Anywho big thx to Dave for this great LIVE version. My first Iggy show was at the Channel in Boston in '80's -getting tix before the web and cell phones? But we all got in! Everyone hears about his ability to turn chicks on - saw it first hand when my roommate, who had never heard of him, a full on non punk granola chick who just got back from teaching school in South America, fought her way to front and licked up his spit.Gross - I love Iggy, but never drank THAT Kool Aid! XO and away we go as we get closer to the end:)

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