My Way

My Way

by Sid Vicious

Well, I came in punk, so going out punk - I'm sure ton's of folks have posted this as their farewell don't care as my fiends know I'm a weirdo with loads of tastesgood on them - I almost did going to Cali by LZ, but will do that on LL.. Here's the deal, I can't thank you all individually (though I've been getting those gorgeous goodbye posts)..for me this is NOT the end...TIMJ gave me something in my life that was missing - a connection to real music fans, and I know you're there for me on LL... So, I'll leave it as I came: I did it my way:) See you on the other side - now I just have to figure out how to ensure that my crap is archived:) I love you all -you helped me through so muchIt's not overfind m on LL: still lesakramer5 (oh you know me as the bitch in the beginning that would get pissed if you liked my song but didn't listen) I got over myself. So many friends, comments, love - Thank you all - Oh and forgive Sid for his TERRIBLE vocals - He did it his way:)

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Jammed: 24th September 2015

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