Lord, Send Me An Angel

Lord, Send Me An Angel

by Blind Willie McTell

Was going to be a song from Leadbelly which I wanted to jam before the end of days here at TIMJ but Warner wouldnt let me!!!! Never mid though because heres Blind Willie Mctell instead :) Blind Willie McTell used a twelve string guitar almost exclusively (I think) which gives that beautiful full jangly sound. Born William Samuel McTier in Georgia, blind and in one eye, McTell had lost his remaining vision by late childhood. He attended schools for the blind in the states of Georgia, New York and Michigan and showed proficiency in music from an early age, first playing harmonica and accordion, learning to read and write music in Braille. More info here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_Willie_McTell

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Jammed: 24th September 2015

76 plays