Say Valley Maker

Say Valley Maker

by Smog

So here it is, my final jam. I've gone with Bill because, well, he's my favourite artist and this is my favourite song of his. I love the sentiment and his typically poetic wordplay. I've always thought it to be him saying that love, life (or perhaps jamming?), isn't easy - if it's worth having then you have to work for it...'there is no love on the hacked-away plateau'. He realises this mid-song and his mood changes...'I cantered out here, now I'm galloping back' - now you try and stop him...'so bury me in wood and I will splinter, bury me in stone and I will quake'. I'm struggling to incorporate this into a jam-related metaphor, so I'll just say thanks to all the wonderful people that I've met on TIMJ and to the fantastic music they've opened my ears to. I'll hopefully see you on one of the new sites when I finally get round to joining up! #finaljam

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Jammed: 26th September 2015

18 plays